How to fix a broken slide projector

A slide projector is a great way to store, share, and display photos, presentations, and other information. What do you do when the slide projector is in trouble. How to fix it is to move a few wires or cables or separate the entire projector and take a look at what’s inside.
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The most common problem with a slide projector that needs to be solved is a simple projector jam. One of the jam slides on the projector occurs when it is stuck in a position that will not allow the carousel to rotate. Now, that may seem like a small inconvenience, but it should also be the first area you look at when the projector is in trouble. How to fix and remove a locked slide can be done in a few steps.
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1. Close the slide projector and let it cool for a few minutes.

2. Remove the slide tray by releasing the lock or by placing and rotating a coin in the center of the tray

3. Flip the tray upside down

4. Find the locked slide and carefully remove it

5. Put the tray back in the projector

6. If the slide is not damaged, reinsert the carousel

The next time you notice that your slide projector is having problems, follow the steps in the list above to fix it. Usually, when the slide projector is not fully rotated, it is because the slide is inserted or inserted inside the carousel. Carefully removing the captured slide should fix the problems with the projectors you are experiencing.

If you follow the steps above and see that the slide projector is still in trouble, an experienced technician can fix it and guide you through the various stages of the repair. The larger the slide projector, the more chances it has to lock. So before you go to a repairman who can disassemble or disassemble the projector, make sure that there is no blocked slide that causes problems for the projector.

If the digital image projector has problems, how can you fix it by replacing a light bulb, making sure all your cables are properly connected to restart the entire system, depending on the level of sophistication of your projector. Always check the instruction manual when your digital projector is running.

Sometimes when your projector is in trouble, how to fix it is as easy as reassembling or reinstalling it. A poorly mounted projector sometimes cannot project any image, and it seems to be broken and needs to be repaired. Check that the projector is mounted and glued correctly. If not, drop and reassemble, being careful to make sure it is properly assembled. This should solve any problem with the projector refusing to show images. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider returning the digital projector to the point of purchase for a qualified inspection.


Gann Ideas, Pivot Points and Fibonacci

Numerous articles and books have been written about WD Gann. I was fortunate to read some of his original writings in the 1990s. One of my colleagues was a member of the Gann Society, which paid a huge sum of money. I learned Gann and I have my own version of the Gann system. The most important statement I read from Gann is: “Time is the most important factor in analyzing and predicting market movements.” I couldn’t agree more. This article discusses how I trade Pivot Points using Fibonacci levels and Ganns Time vs. I will examine the Price version of the price.
The first points you need to find are what are known as swing points. A swing point is the last highest or lowest. There must be at least 8 large figures between them to be considered a moderate level of swing. The fewer point differences you can use, the less significant they are. Once you have identified one of these levels you will go to the left on the board (going back in time) to find the other. I will use the EUR / USD prices with the dates so that I can find what I am doing and apply the analysis. Looking at the latest price data (today’s date 09/01/27), we have a solo top made on December 18, 2008 at 1.4720 level. We turn left and find the lowest bass on October 27th and 28th at a double bottom made at 1.2330 level. Now we have swing points to work on. When using Fibonacci ratios we will find high levels of support and resistance. Then look for daily pivot points to see if too much theft occurs.
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The formula for finding Fibonacci points is as follows. Take the highest to the highest and remove the lowest to find the widest low. 1.4720 – 1.2330 = 239 would be large figures. Fibonacci ratios.382, .618, .8200 (my ratio) are 1.382,1.618,2.236,2.618,3.618 Now we take the range and multiply the ratios..239 * .382 = .091298 Now we would take the highest High and remove Fibonacci that factor. So first aid level 1.4720-.0913 = 1.3807 Next support level.239 * .618 = .147702 1.4720-.1478 = 1.3242 Next level.239 * .8200 = .1964 1.4720-.1964 = 1.2756 (Carried in the back on January 23rd) low was 1.2765)

If you wish, you can continue to apply the remaining ratios. They will be good until you get the top out or make a new bass.
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So when we have calculated these levels, we will set the daily pivot points to see if there is an overlap (for me the overlap is 33 points + or -), then I will give my time to the verse price lesson. Keep in mind that as these Fibonacci levels passed in the downward direction, these levels will equally act as resistance on the upward path. If they break they become help again. Let’s look at the formula for the pivot point and see how we apply it to the major Fibonacci levels.

I used the pivot point I was about to study while I was in the market (20+ years), and this formula was taught to me by a guy who was in Forex in 1976. As King Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun “The pivot point formula takes on new meaning when we have overlaps, with Fibonacci levels. They are much stronger to take advantage of reaction points. Here is the Formula:

We must first calculate the basic point. I calculate the pivot point of a daily bar because we are using daily data. (You can use it in any time frame, keep the time sequence uniform and I wouldn’t go for less than 30 minute bars) Formula pivot = High + Low + Close / 3 = x basic pivot

2x-high = support 2x-low = resistance

I am going to select today’s negotiation session. (Weekly bar daily) to calculate. 01/01/09 Open 1.2974 High 1.3205 Low 1.2860 Close 1.3135

1.3205 + 1.2860 + 1.3135 / 3 = base pivot 1.3066 2 * 1.3066-1.3205 = 1.2997 support level 1 2 * 1.3066-1.2860 = 1.3272 1. resistance level

Support Level 2 Basic Pivot – (R1-S1) 1.3066- (1.3272-1.2997) = 1.3066-.0275 = 1.2791 (very close to that Fib level) Support Level 3 low-2x (high base pivot) 1.2860-2x (1.3205 -1.3066) = 1.2860-2x.0139 = 1.2860-.0278 = 1.2582

2 resistance pivot + (R1-S1) 1.3066+ (1.3272-1.2997) = 1.3066 + .0275 = 1.3341 3 high resistance level + 2x (low pivot) 1.3205+ (1.3066-1.2860) = 1.3205 + .0206 = 1.3411

So these are our daily levels and the ones we would explain in the lists with the old Fibonacci support levels that have become your resistance level on the rise. Then how to negotiate these pivot points. Well, the rule is to have a long break at the top and shorten it at the break. It’s easier said than done, because they are very reactionary points, so you can market them back and forth several times, they cut you like them. To prevent this from happening, you need to give yourself a 35 pip stop loss (so if the market breaks up or down and stays above or below the pivot you need to stay longer or shorter than 12 minutes with a 35 point stop. You need experience Market Momentum- with.) This is where Gann’s version of the rules of verse pricing of time lies. You can continue using the hourly charts. I will describe how I negotiate these points. This is what is known as discretionary trading, and not a system to say the least. However, you can now work out your own rules for negotiating these points. My experience has shown me that if trading money moves fast, we are on the easy side of the market, and we will get out when the market moment starts to slow down. (I use the stop command.)

Let’s get into that; The data points that came into play for me make it through the Fibonacci Point Of 1.3242 lap with my daily 1.3272 point score. I would look at how the market reacts at these levels. I will write what is in the daily trading diary so you can see how I traded in the market today. It’s important that I have several primary systems that I market to. This is what I call the semi-trading system because it is discretionary. That is, it is the environment I am accustomed to; Since I traded in the interbank market for many years, it requires discretionary trading. markets. You should try this if you have a good trading experience. I still have tough and fast rules when it comes to discretionary trading. I will use today’s trading scenario. It would be the opposite if we negotiated the level of support. That’s what I call the 15-minute rule. I divide the 15-minute time into 3 five-minute frames. Your market tries to break the resistance level and fails. Level minus you sell 7-9 pip. (our level is 1.3242-9 pips) So you would sell 1.3233. You wait for the delay (the market backs down and you try to resist again) You sell the hold back, in a smaller amount than your base position. (usually 1/3 less; this is a pyramid. Always a pyramid with a smaller number.) Usually the back attachment will be a little higher (12-18 pip; not the rule I’ve seen.) market carefully. Wait another 5 minutes if the money is not (if you are losing) close the trade and go back.

9:15 AM EST Market 1.3242 Fib point tries to get the highest paid 1.3244. It can’t hold 3 euro units I sell at a price of 1.3231. I will make a pyramid that will go back to level 1.3250. I have more than 39 points S / L (1.3272 pivot level over 1.3281) Earn earnings level 1.3130. The market closes at the five-minute bar at 1.3239. At 9:20 the market is trying to hit the 1.3244 high and cannot exceed the 1.3238 bid I lost. I will not add at this time. The market closed at 1.3219. So far there has been no turning back. 9:25 We are in the money market somewhat in the short range, I will sell low at 1.3235 if I see 40 levels. the market closes at 1.3217 level on this bar. 9:30 Euros tries to figure 1.32 and pays quickly. It closes again at the 1.3215 level. The market is confused and can go any way at the moment, if we don’t get above 1.3258, I think we can still get into the 1.3150 value zone. 9:35 Euro 1.32 tries to break the 35 level and is quickly discarded I sell small (1 unit) at a price of 1.3224. I’m not happy with that sale. I wanted to get higher. It is closing at a high of 1.3227. I can’t add up, even if I’m at level 35 at the moment, with my stop. 9:40 Euro tries again at 30 level and fails 3 times, we close 1.3215 9:45 narrow trade trade 1.3215 1.3230 9:50 Still narrow market trade 1.3211-1.3231 9:55 We finally break the figure and close at 1.3195.

10:00 We break at the end station at level 1.3140.

10:15 The market pulls me out to the number 1.3153.

So that’s how I trade pivot points. As you can read from above, I never backed down, I was a little taken care of, because experience has shown me that the longer I stay, the more time I have, the more chances I have to test the next level of 1.3272.

My perfect trade in 1.3240 would be to sell the first resistance, lower the market to 1.3208 and then return to the 1.3260 level, I would sell it again. Then quickly crash to the 1.3160 ​​level. Everything in 20 minutes. Trades like this happen often, if you have to look for what you have (you do it now). Today, however, the market has worked in exchange for my money. Animo Tom

Cryptocurrency Communities

If you are interested in participating more actively and actively in the blockchain era, it is time to become a member of the community of supportive cryptocurrencies. Before you do that, you definitely need to learn about communities.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) Community

The pioneering blockchain asset was Bitcoin. The word says that the creator of bitcoin still has a million bitcoins that don’t yet release into the cryptographic space. The community has strong followers and big, loyal followers. They have experience in quantity and quality.

The community is said to have a large number of highly trained cryptocurrencies. The community remains one of the largest networks in the world of cryptography.

  1. Ethereum (ETH) Community

The community has gained strong networks with prominent investors. These investors are constantly financing their projects. It is offered by the Ethereum Community Fund, the creation of networking startups. The Community Fund has been shown to attract huge followers. The community funds projects that seek to consolidate infrastructure in the Ethereum network.

The platform is flexible and capable of achieving multiple goals, making it a priority destination for developers.

  1. Substrate (SUB) Community

The main goal of the community is to decentralize the internet. This goal has gained a large following. It intends to achieve decentralization of the Internet by changing the long-standing monopoly of the Internet. It does not use centralized servers.

It is well known that the SUB community is based as part of its core approach.

  1. Bytecoin (BCN)

Bytecoin is among the pioneers of privacy coins. The crypt existed before it became known. The community’s efforts have made it possible to successfully create virtual currencies through its forks. This has increased Bytecoin’s popularity. So the community supports the reason for the platform with great confidence.

  1. Wave platform (WAVES)

WAVES is one of the platforms that seeks to make token issuance and crowdfunding processes cheaper for people. One of the main goals is to revolutionize the areas of token issuance and crowdfunding.

The community has tremendous followers with passionate developers and community monitoring. In addition, the Waves Community Token (WCT) community improved its commitment to the Waves team. The token will allow the owner to evaluate new projects that join the platform for future awards.

  1. Lisk (LSK)

LSK is a decentralized project that is followed by a strong community. The platform focuses on software development. It also relies on real improvements to complain about price dynamics.

The platform uses high-level community participation in the governance of its structure. The platform is already earning a lot with community participation.

The culture of cryptocurrency is already gaining enthusiasm and acceptance every year. Those interested in blockchain-era activities should know more about the cryptographic space. In addition to these communities, there are others such as Dogecoin, Monero, Nano, EOS and Ripple, among others.

The growth of cryptocurrency communities is driven by Metcalfe’s law, which is: The value of a network increases in direct proportion to the number of participants in that network.

Algorithmic and high frequency trading – the future of FX market analysis?

Algorithmic trading

A program, or algorithm, is simply used to enter orders to trade computer programs in the market, a computer algorithm calculates input such as time, price, and quantity of order to be made, and these systems are designed to operate without humans. intervention.

They can be long-term or short-term, but most are short-term and usually want to make a day’s profits quickly. The logic behind them is that they can detect price differences and profits and not be dependent on emotions unlike humans and save time for the operator while they run automatically.

High Frequency Trading AHT

The term High Frequency Trading (HFT) basically means “trading with a system focused on the speed of execution”. HFT systems can decide to run and sort within a second and are used by many organizations. The idea is to put the order in front of the crowd and take advantage of the price discrepancies and make money from them. The idea is not to execute orders quickly but to make them at high volume so that the system can liquidate the trade quickly. All trades are usually closed in minutes or hours and no position is usually maintained overnight.

Isn’t everything so impressive and the future of commerce?

As an experienced trader I would say that people have tried to outperform the market since the beginning of trading and no one has succeeded yet and the reason is obvious is that markets do not move to mathematical models and a computer cannot think that it can only react. A computer can react to changes and does not anticipate them; so a simple system will work better than a sophisticated algorithm.

New names for losing forex strategies

Algorithmic trading is just another word for robot trading, as it has lost a bit of flavor due to the huge number of systems sold for public consumption with fake money-losing routes.

It is more ridiculous to trade high frequency Forex which emphasizes that nano-second orders can outperform the market and make quick profits. All of this is to ensure that transaction costs are so high that there is no chance of making money. Wasn’t that first called scalping or day trading? Of course, these names are also not the result of systems that have a monthly taste, sold and lost money, so traders need to find a new name to capture the public’s imagination.

Playing the market with the computer is nothing new and algorithmic and high frequency Forex trading is just the latest hype that surpasses the market but is lost by users.

How to Win Forex Trading

If you want to earn in forex trading, follow the old career of making money, which is to learn the basics that are easy to learn and then you can think for yourself and enjoy successful Forex trading.

The rise of foreign exchange: why it is more important than ever to get the best Forex Broker

Currency trading is becoming more and more popular in the world as many investors abandon traditional financial trading tools and concentrate only on Forex. Accordingly, new brokers are created almost daily to access trading platforms with massive and bright banners that attract poorly trained traders. However, before you hand over a red penny to any online agent you stumble upon, it’s best to take care of yourself with some in-depth research as soon as possible.

The internet is loaded with grifters and online Forex trading is no exception. However, if you find a great broker, you can be sure that your money is safe. Therefore, getting yourself the best Forex companies will help you protect your trades. In addition, highly ranked brokerage will often provide you with all the tools and information you need to know how to better exchange currency. Because forex trading is considered a risky business, this information will help you avoid bad trading decisions and big losses.

Some important tips to consider when hunting for the best forex brokers:

  • Check the types of services offered. Since working in the currency trading business over the internet does not require you to physically enter your broker’s office, it is best to choose a Forex company that will not hesitate to deal with any problems you may have. The support staff of the best Forex brokers can easily access you 24 hours a day by phone, mail or live chat. This means that you should avoid brokers who do not offer this essential provision. Typically, you can determine the quality of service of your chosen broker through the opinions and testimonials of others who have used it.
  • They should be registered with a regulatory authority. To prevent traders from being scammed, various financial regulatory bodies have been set up to monitor the behavior of Forex brokers on the internet. The two most common are the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA). If an agent has not thoroughly completed the registration process provided by one or both of these agencies, it should be avoided. Good forex brokers will improve their reputation by securing certification through the local government financial authority.
  • Excellent brokers often offer different types of accounts to clients. If you want to pursue a career in forex trading, it is important to choose the type of account that best suits your background and trading style. The best Forex brokers in the world usually allow you to choose the type of account that best suits your needs. Even if the broker has only one type of account, it should be designed to change according to your trading preferences.
  • Check the number of interchangeable tools offered by the broker. The best Forex brokers often have interchangeable tools that you can choose to trade. This allows you to work on diversifying your investment, especially on significant “rainy days” when some of your investments don’t live up to expectations. You should also avoid investing your money with brokers who trade only one tool or a few others. In addition to currencies, high-end Forex brokers offer other exchangeable tools such as commodities (crude oil, metals, etc.), difference contracts (CFDs), stocks, and so on.
  • Quality Forex brokers often have competitive differences in the market. Dissemination (the difference between supply and the asking price) is important in Forex trading because you pay that fee every time you trade through the trading platform. Calculations are fixed or variable. The former remains the same regardless of what happens in the market, the latter varies according to market activity. You should avoid hiring the services of a high-paying agent, as this will increase the costs of entering the trade.
  • The best forex platforms offer a demo (practice) account: Before you jump into currency trading, you should test your trading strategy through a demo account. Given the real market conditions, this account is important to increase your confidence and improve your skills before advancing in the Forex trading business. The best forex brokers offer these free demo accounts. You should avoid brokers who do not offer this essential tool, especially if you are a novice trader.

Thank you.